Monday, December 14, 2009

Joy makes the world go round...

or it might just be Ebay.

That and many other things are what I have learned today on my day off. I have woken up oh so late compared to my recently 5:45 am rising and have spent the last hour on blog tours. Everyone is doing christmas decor right now and I have fallen in love with some homes. Since I have a total of two rooms decorated, which actually means a buffet table and a christmas tree down stairs I do not feel the need to share my decor. However I loved looking at everyone elses!

If you too need some insperation check out The Nesting Place. She has close to 550 house tours right now. The links are hit or miss. Some houses how decorated about as much as me and turn that in to a 15 picture post while others seem to decorate every nook and crany to the best of their thrift store buget ability and it will knock your fuzzy christmas socks off!

For a lego Christmas.

For a grown up traditional nook and crany house!

Let me know if you find more favorites of your own!

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