Thursday, December 17, 2009


Why do you blog? I just read a statement that was talking about incouraging trafic on your blog. Althought I would liek to think I will evolve to having a blog worth reading I know I will not. I am not creative enough to come up with the stuff these "famous" bloggers come up with nor do I have the desire to go out there and copy idetical items on the cheap. I just don't have the will power or drive for such projects. Maybe this is a money issue or maybe its a personality trait. Either way... do you blog in hopes that someone will read, then some more people, then lots of people? Or are you more for the Electorinic journal to be shared with the world kind of blogger?

I think I am more an Electronic blogger. I post most things to share with friends (since thats the only people who read) and to keep track of. But what about you? Are you hoping to make the top ten list of " Most faboulous" blogs or are you jsut getting the word out to your family?

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