Saturday, December 19, 2009

Its an addiction

No I'm not talking drugs or chocolate (although its possialbe, the chocolate part). I am talking pillows. Its no surpise if you have been following me for longer then a minute that I can't go long with out posting about pillows. Weather its a want, a need, a got, or something else they always seem to pop up. So not to fail and possiably go a month (seriously? Try a week) with out some pillow talk here goes.

I recently have come across MANY MANY pillows in search of a comfetor. You may remember that my dog shredded the new lovely blue one from Apt. 9. The husband has bought red sheets in order for me to Quilt on a top to this other wise perfect comfetor in hopes of saving it. We have had a difficult time finding a red king size duvet that we like. The search has taken me to a plethora (there ya go Mrs. Harrison!) of stores with blankets thus PILLOWS!

My new obsession...knits. Yes. Knits. Thank goodness I crochet and can hopefully make this work to my desire.

My first fall back if this fails is to take a old sweater (wripped or stained) and convert it into a pillow. I figure it wouldn't take much work and the button detail would be perfect. I have never tried to add buttons, but that is too difficult for what I plan on doing.
I love the idea of crocheting strips (I'm great at scarves!) and then weaving them together for a deeper level of texture. This would also be a great way to work in some color.
I love this faux would pillow. I have no idea if I could create it... it would probably be better if I attempt crooked lines and hope from there!

Is this pillow not amazing? how warm and cozy would that be? Now, I can't create such fabulous designs but this is a great example of a basic cable pillow. I only found those above in searchs to find this beauty.

For a possiable Funk to add tot he bedding... this zebra knitted pillow. I can imagine that my tree pillow from above and this zebra pillow would look very similar. The difference? A knot in the tree pillow. Maybe I'll just pick one?

Notice all these pictures have a theme, besides the knit? They like colors? Browns? Tans? Thats right the envimous, never to be completed guest bedroom was in mind when looking at all of these! Lucky for me I have a dead line on when to get it done. Thats right... March. The inlaws are coming up to check out the new digs!

A great site to check out woudl be Tricot naturelle. Her picture popped up many times when looking for images to show.

Just click on the images to be taken to their site where I found them. I have not attempted any of these and give credit to the picture holders!

P.S. Dry wall is up in the laundry room. Next step... mudding!

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