Monday, January 11, 2010

The Hubbs

Yesterday we went on a mini shopping trip. Only things on huge discounts were allowed nothing over 5 that wasn't planned on. That kind of shopping trip even though we really didn't think we would find anything.

We did however plan on getting oil based paint for the basement. Thus we also needed thinner. It cleans the brushes. I asked what it was and husband was like "its thinner and its green" "OK" I thought "why would he bother telling me its green? Does it mess up the paint? Will it tent the white base?" Then he said "You know I bet it will give you something to blog about. You can talk about how we went green for a moment" I just smiled and hid my giggles. First my husband was nice enough to pick something environmentally green and then he suggested to put in on my blog. I love my baby. He gives me something to talk about!

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