Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have many plants that I have been attempting to keep a live almost a year now. Some have come and gone. Some mangage to surive the move and have slowly faltered since then. Others have flourished and now need additional help. This is one of my current projects. Repotting.

I spent the weekend popping in and out of stores looking for various items and always keeping my eye open for something to serve as a new planter. No luck over the weekend. I did however find some scores earlier this week.

The first successful buy was from Target. I found a $2.50 small galvanized oval bucket that could go any any room of the house. I basically found that to make it priceless. It also could be for drinks if the potting doesnt' work out. Now that I have it home and started plotting I realize its not really an "upgrade" for any of the plants to move into. Its a little on the small side being only a foot long and maybe 6 inc deep. I would hopefully be repotting quickly if the plant didn't die from the move. So for now this is a no go. But I have noticed that seeds are avilable at various stores. I think this would make a great planter for some Kitchen herbs. I'll keep that in mind when I do the plant re-arranging.

Second I found these

They are from Pier1. The size I want is currently in the $6 range.The "sugar" "flour" and "coffee" are all the same size and I dont' remember seeing the cookies. I think they would be great for indivdual plants but at the $6 mark individually I feel like I need to love them. I also would not be putting them in my kitchen... which might be a problem since they say "Country Kitchen". So could I put them somewhere else? Do they have to be in the kitchen? I figured they could be "recaimed and vintage". No? Yes?

I did however find two red woven square baskets that will be getting new plants I believe. They were on clearance for the pair at $5. I felt that even if they dont' become planters they are cute red baskets that will go in just about any room in my house! Right on! I'll post pictures if I can make it happen.

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