Friday, January 15, 2010

An affair to remember

Alright... its been an hour. An Hour! What am I talking about? I found this website... Yes go look at it. No really... If your home isn't one hundred precent the way you want it go now... I'll wait.

For those of you who didn't just cruise on over I sent everyone else to Knock off Wood. Its my new favorite obsession. Love actually, hence the affair part. I am only a month into the archives and I already have about a dozen wood projects for the hubby. Which I am sure he'll love since it gives him something to do and he doesnt' have to spend loads and loads of money!!!

So what am I talking about really? She takes gorgeous EXPENSIVE wood furniture, breaks it down into plans for real folks and lets us have them. YEAH! I know right? Ok. So you might not be as pumped as I am since you or your hubbs might not have a half dozen different saws or a cabinet dedicated to screws and nails. But hold on! Check it out and dream of all the money you could save. If you are a Pottery Barn style kind of girl on a Target kind of budget you need to click your little wishing heart of on over there. I'll post a few of the reporductions she has availiable just to tease you!

Her daughters loft bed play house. She designed it her self! Her friend is painting "logs" on a boys room "cabin". Can you just picture this in a room? How much fun could you have building your little one's bed and letting them help? Ok.. hammer a piece of scrap wood with scrap nails. But still it would be fun.
This is the starting imagines of "Gracie's town". The designer looked for stations that could entertain her daughter. Grocery, bank, library, etc. Whatever you want. she made the plans you can customise it. I think from this idea alone I need a bigger house. I could fill a room up with this going around the perimiter!

I have seen this desk in real life and it is amazing! I would take it for a table any day. Instead of toys and what not you could easily put extra pillows and blankets and then convert it when you have kids. I am in love.

And then this. This amazing "could I really build that?" piece of furniture. I want it. I need it. I'll suggest the hubby make it for me! It will go in my living room where I need no more wood furniture. Currently I have a computer desk, book case, and low console table. No I didn't forget to list the soft furniture. We have none. This might require a twist of the arm.

I got all imagies from Knock off wood. However, some are original from the sight the "knock offs" are from.

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