Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clearance flub

Before Christmas hubby and I did one of our favorite past times.... Window shopping. We love to go into furniture stores and just look. Point out what we like, don't like, and what we would rather burn our house down then purchase. At our new locations we have found a few stores that the stomping grounds did not have. Think Roomful Express, Levins, and a few others that pop up every now and then. We also have Pier1 in the same mini-mall as Target and TONS of antique stores.

Anyways... before Christmas we walked into Levins down the road from us and walked and walked and walked. We eventually landed in their "urban loft" area. LOL yeah... "we designed it to look like a loft" Its all exposed wire, plumbing, walls. Ok... so a loft. But its where their funky pieces and anything resembling modern is housed. So basically its the only place we looked at seriously. Then BAM we find a neutral sofa, two funky chairs and a fabric over sized ottoman/coffee table. I am in love, sort of. The sofa is a little white gray not so white brown. I'll deal. The Funky Chair1 is got a wavy stripe pattern in red, brown, gold, and tan. Love it! But then again so does the huge ottoman. Ok... hum. Chair 2 is all red. Red to match the funky stripe. Alright. Loving the ottoman but the chair and ottoman is a little more funk then I wanted. Actually its way to much funk. Its funk overload. Think the 80's! Zippers, Pom Poms, Colored leather, splatter paint, puff paint, fringe, etc. Funk over load.

So we thought we found wait. It was a really good idea to wait too since we had not money, to much "furniture" in the living room already and well, you get the idea. Last night we go back as part of a date night. Just for fun. I tell Hubby " I want to make sure the chairs don't think we have left them to die in there." To my surprise the Chairs both funk 1 and 2 and the neutral sofa have up and divorced me for another family! They even left behind the step child ottoman. The too much funk. TEAR! What am I going to do now. Hub and I frantically try to bargain with the sales man to get something back to match and basically bargain with the man to find us our chairs. No such luck. But the two funk ottoman is now not too funky and on clearance... just under 200. I like that idea since it was closer to 500 to start. But what do you match with almost once was too funky fabric? So we went on a search. Long story short we are back to the drawing board on the top and basement living rooms. I am completely confused! This is horrible! UGH!!! However... we did learn that the pattern we liked and just about all the other ones we dug were Broyhill.

Well... I figured that would make things easy!! So I found the fabric print. Granted on the comp the make it look like its an itty bitty print when really from squiggle to squiggle is about 6 in not 1 in. If your interested and have a lot of time stop on over at Broyhill and check out pattern 7384-65 on the custom furniture link (upper right hand) you'll have to "design" a piece of furniture first then you get to pick out the fabric. Its amazing and addictive and I think I'll be doing that all afternoon since I am at the drawing bored!

Edit: Picture this Tessie Chair with less Santa Fe style stripe and more funk and squiggles and no circles.

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