Friday, January 22, 2010

Lime and Teal

After furniture drowning the other day I realized my oh so classic and mono toned guest bedroom was leaving me one room that was not full of color, hip-ness, and fun. Although I think a very fluffy and dark wood room would be inviting for older guest I can't help but realize I have a few pops of color that I am missing in my house. Alright, I'm trying to incorperate them all but I am missing Lime green like I would miss air. I have no idea where all my colbalt blue and purple of my youth has gone. Apprently it left with my youth but By GOSH I'm getting one of them back and since my youth is probably not possiable I am reclaiming my colors! Am I crazy? No. Is this a pillow post? LOL NO! This is a room in need of COLOR! Crazy color. Color that makes you go "Wow! What a great room!" Now, I don't have any room that does that now except maybe the office. But its almost a wow factor from lack of color. Remember its black and white with red spashes. Well no black white and a splace of color for guest 1. I am thinking crazy "I'm in love with you" color. Lets look for some pictures.

After looking for pictures I believe this is going to be difficult. Apparently in the internet world the only way to add color to a bedroom is either painting your walls the bold color of choice, or make the bedspread bold with an almost equally bold color on the walls. Think puple walls with lime green bedspread. Basically I will have to try very very hard to not make my guest room look like a teeny-bopper meets dorm room feel. Which with the colors I want could be difficult.

Great. A blue that isn't robin egg or baby. That head board would, could, is amazing. Could easily make that with a little plywood, net surfing, and staple gun. That would be sure to being a pop of color into the brown and cream bedding. Add some pillows some great drapes and funky accesories and Bam! Color crazy. Any shade would do juse pick the hue of the hour and make it work.

OK, so this might be a pillow issue. I have the brown and cream bedding already. Add some funky striped pillows, curtians in the same shade but a bold (dare I say flower) print and throw in a few more items of the color and now I have a natural earthy 3 toned bedroom similar but completely different from guest 2.

A blue that isn't "oh so in" and the brown/cream already present. Although the picture doens't represent something that I love or even like the color combination must be given some attention. Dark wood, check. Cream colors, check. A need of color in a fun and funky way, check check check check! Loving it.

So after looking at all the colors I could possiably combine with brown and cream I have come up with some shades.
Deep, vibrant, royal, any will do




Whats your thoughts? You like the color? Think I should stick with the earth tones? Have a color suggestion thats not one I already pointed out? Lay the crazy color ideas on me!

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  1. I love the blue. I agree with the frustration at robins egg and baby blue. It's almost impossible to find a REAL freaking blue at a department store! I love the teal and lime color scheme from that first picture, but think a bright blue and lime would rock too! ...I love blue and green together..maybe a hippie thing :)