Thursday, January 28, 2010


its been almost a week since a post. I feel bad. I feel like I have stopped thinking. I feel like I have nothing to say. But...

Yesterday hubs and I went on a shopping trip. Actually I went on a shopping trip, went home, then WE went on a shopping trip. The first trip brought me A new shower curtain for the laundry room and two window treatments. No I have no shower or windows in my laundry room. Think about that for a while...

Then we went the opposite direction for hub's project. I talked him into going to the local bargain stores. We hit up one and got 30$ plus of books, some personal, some work, some project related. Then we went to Lowe's and got dryer goods to make the dryer work again. Then hit up Goodwill and Big Lots. Big lots resulted in nothing but for a $1.05 we got the best game ever at Goodwill. Diverityopoly. Its great... there is Lesbian Lain instead of one of the yellow scares. Gay Gandoring instead of an orange. One of the "rail roads" is African American History and the park place and board walk was replaced with "Executive Way" and "Rich White Way". The clincher for the deal was a Fate card that read "Your disability did not prevent you from getting your promotion at work....." we stopped there we were laughing so hard and figured for .99 we needed the game. It was all brand new. No cards had yet been punched out of their card board sheets the money was still in its plastic wrap, but the box looked like it was 20 yrs old. Odd. We plan on playing it with his family in the next few months.

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