Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kid Crazy

Alright trough a link, and a link, and probably another link I got that inevitable tug at my heart for a baby. Well ok... not really a baby but a toddler so I could make felt food. Confused? Probably. Check out these things...

apples, oranges, bannas-Oh My! She also did a round up of other food sites she knows. I am so behind with the times!

Pancakes and straberries- So real I clicked on the image because I couldn't tell! She also has a link to an amazing play kitchen. Can't have food with out a kitchen! and for those hard working people or sewing illiterates I have stumbled upon Lilly Bean... she makes felt food. I can't even begin to express how excited I am that if I get busy I could buy this and not have to make it. But then again how fun would it be to make!?

Is this not the cutest things? Jump on over there and get ides. Also just Google Image felt food and get all kinds of patterns!

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