Sunday, February 14, 2010


Alright so I have written in a while and I hate when people do that. Power outage might be a good excuse. But maybe not.

I have however made some major progress lately. I finished the dining room. Well, OK one small thing to hang but I'm not even sure I'll still hang it. I love the room so much!

Figured out a place to put my 6 huge frames from a while back. I had snagged them for 3 dollars at 75% off the original price. But I really didn't like them were I thought I would (dining room) so they have sat stacked since then in the empty living room well just as a thought I moved them down stairs where we have a ledge running to length of the room and it has just confused the heck out of me how to decorate the walls. Well I figured that out! I still have to get 11x 13 pictures made (told you they were huge!) but we have a plan and I am LOVING it.

We also rearranged the guest bed room. The bed was under the window and it really just felt like a peep show even though no one has ever slept there and its on the second story. Keep in mind the neighbors first story is our second so I didn't want to chance anything. its moved now and the room seem so much bigger! We are even thinking of adding a chair and a small table. Think hall table or sofa table. Tall, skinny, and pretty, that kind of thing.

We also have the laundry room almost finished. We found some curtains on sale and snagged them to cover up some awkwardness down there. Well I need to do a lot more hemming then I planned. Well... any at all was more then I planned.

But that has all be completed this weekend! I know can you believe it. So far we have spent about 60 dollars. Granted it could have been a lot more but most of the projects came about because I had "left overs" from projects that never worked out in the first place. So of course those cost money originally.

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  1. I am a visual person, and since I haven't ever been to your house I need to see pictures lady!! But it sounds nice!