Thursday, February 18, 2010


Before going to bed the night the snow started. Those are our clothes lines. They have about 3 or 4 inches of snow on them at that point (11pm Friday)
Our grill and tree in the back ground. This is a few feet from where I am standing, no zoom. About 6 inches at this point.
Saturday moring. The walk to the garage has been cleared so you can see how far it has pilled up on its own. Notice you can barely see the grill.
The dog a foot or so beind the grill.
Mia down the hill a bit but you can tell how deep it is.
Our very tall bamboo layed over. Still is like this. I am pretty sure its goign to kill it.
Mia at the bottom of the hill. Even two weeks later she hasn't gone down there much after this picture.
In the garage looking out to the tree that fell. This is what we cut up and burned in order to keep warm when the power was off for three days.
The house from the mail box.
The roof. About a foot plus on it. That tree is actually taller then the Garage...just not with snow on it.
The neighbor... but look at the size of the "wall" that the snow plow makes.

Going into our addition. There is a fall picture back in October I believe.

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  1. I know your probably sick of it, but I think its gorgeous and would love to have all that snow!! Think of all the snowmen Wyatt and I could make! I would totally make an igloo!
    Granted I say this now, if I were actually you, I would be so sick of it, especially with the lack of power and the damage it is clearly doing!
    (But humor me please and make an igloo k!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!)