Saturday, February 27, 2010


So the reason I haven't posted... because I have been working on things. Ironic right? Laziness might have something to do with it also. So updates... with no pictures of course... sorry.

new ceiling fan in guest room along with new outlets (white not almond) and 5 new pillows. 3 decrotive and 2 shames. Plus a cute new piggy bank. It might be moved to my room for giggles.

We have also been sanding and painting a golden oak computer desk/hutch. Its currently working on being "Posh Red" Its very cherry/apple/true red. We will then distress it to an aged'ol look with some brown/black stain we picked up. Heres hoping we don't turn it black. I would rather it rock the bright red then the "just got out of the dumpster" look.

We will then hopefully this weekend be moving on to the book case. We'll see how that goes. I'm not a big fan of the sanding... or the painting. Could be why only Hubbies projects get done unless mine envolve minor sewing. Hum. We'll see.

I feel like there is more but doesnt' seem like it. But the house is clean... thats its own project right?

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