Sunday, February 28, 2010

Productive weekend

So... I have been busy!

We figured out the torn bed situation. We are going to throw the red sheet over the blue comforter and then hold in it place with big buttons.Why you ask? because if you remember the dog chewed it up about 24 hours in.

The guest bedroom got all sorts of help this weekend.I cleaned out the dresser/TV stand and removed all things not necessary in that room. Cleaned out the closet so now it has a floor and top shelf. Stuffed two new pillow shams and a decorative pillow to finish off the bed. And... oh yeah... installed a ceiling fan! Did I already mention that? I think I did. Well... its amazing and I am very excited to have one. Every room might get one now. At least overhead lighting...

Guest 2 got cleaned. Curtains bedding desk everything... now my curtains are wrinkled fuzzed and a few inches shorter... yeah you read that right. I can't believe they shrunk. We think at least 6 inches. They use to touch the floor. Now they do not by a long shot.

Hallway closet got gutted also. We lost about 5 towels to the basement and the remaining ones got stacked nicely. The sheets and excess bedding got put in clear containers and they can all be seen nicely lined up. I looks amazing... all except the 80's shelf liner. But I wasn't in the mood to fix that... so it will stay.

Living room, dinning room, and kitchen all got cleaned up too this weekend. I felt like I was constantly wiping up messes. Maybe that's why it seems like a big deal that they were cleaned?

The basement is a mess! You walk down stairs right into the stinky bathroom. We aren't' sure why it is reacting this way but we have shut the door to keep the stench in the tank. We'll figure it out later. The living room is full of paint supplies. There is red drip paper on most of the floor and the hutch is partly reassembled but its missing a door or two and one part got missed being paint (so project today). After picking that mess up the room will still look like the garage burped on it so more cleaning will be needed in the long run.

The laundry room. Oh poor poor laundry room. We worked on the curtains to cover up the cabinet hole, sink, and tanks and they look great. But anything that I have clean and removed from the upstairs landed in the laundry room. It is a mess, not to mention the washed receipt that has spewed out of the washing machine and is all over the floor in white clumps. A clean must be done. Good thing I have the day off.

The mystery room.... is about to be as well off as the laundry room... because all that stuff has to go some where right?

That was my weekend. I feel like I did a lot more. So I guess it just took so much time between one project and the next. Doesn't seem like a lot got done. But it sure does look like a lot got done here if you know what it looked like as early as Friday morning.

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