Sunday, March 07, 2010

For the birds

I have been thinking a lot about the summer recently. Could be due to the nice weather we have had this weekend. Its getting that time of year where for just a second I actually want to spend time out side. Its a shock I know.

I have looked into planting a veggie garden. I believe we will be doing a raised bed on top of the hill by the house. We could put it any where, but this seems the most convenient.

I also have been doing research on bird house and feeders. I will most certainly be making a few of these very soon! We have TONS of scrap wood out in the garage. By George... they will all be getting the bird treatment very soon. I can not wait to make some fun houses and feeders. Right now we have a tree just to the right of the garage and back door. I figure this will be an excellent place for some feeders of different sorts. Also the bird houses I believe will be put down in "the woods" since they don't seem to like being by people. I might also put them in the front yard since I have a few trees there. I can't wait!

Just a few pictures to tickle the overly imaginative brain....

alas.. mine will look more like this I am sure... Maybe a little touch of paint but I doubt it.
Inspired? Want to create? Want to recycle what you have and help a bird? What are you going to do?

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