Monday, March 08, 2010

Projects and pictures

What more do you want from me!? Ok... so I took some pictures of the desk and a few other things. Comment one... I need a better camera... or atleast need to learn how to use it!

This is the legs of the desk... The left- primed not painted = very brown The right-Painted=nice finish
The detail on the desk. It looks splotchy (which I guess it is) but as a whole its a nice effect. Drawers are missing...

The desk waiting to be varnished. The top is staying as it is. Imperfect and all

The finished cabinet. The before and after might come some other time. I'm not a good blogger... I would do all that before the big revieal!

The inside. The doors had cork added to each side and then gold wrapping paper was added to the back. We couldn't keep the wood that was there and we didn't want to paint it red. This was a cheap and quick solution. I dont' love it... but you'll never see it except here and maybe at christmas. I think at Christmas it would rock! But no other time of the year...

Close up of the new handles. Previously the hutch had fuex wood knobs. We got some hammered bronze ones to replace the dated fixtures. You can also see a close up of the "glaze" we put on the cabinet. I would have been fine with just a solid red piece but it looks warn with the glaze.

A close up of the food and the glaze. It is heaviest at the bottom (intended for more "wear") and this picture doesn't really show it off.

The new ceiling fan. Nothing fancy.. it looks like a fan, works like a fan, must be a fan!

The glass 'globes' I think it makes it look nicer and a major up date from the clear glass flower ones I remember seeing in some homes *cough cough* The OK fan might not have been as cool
as this one.

And the new Pier one DISCOUNT chair. There is a scuff on the arm. Um... like I won't do more damage to it then that! and the new pillow from Target. yeah.. the chair is huge and the bed is taller then the whole chair. Well... its a work in progress.

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