Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going green

So... its official. If you remember my "Red post" as in the opposite of green you might find these next few statements shocking.

I am attempting to go greener. Yes... greener. Notice the er on the end. I'm not going green. I can't comit to that... nor can I convince the hubby to do that...but I'll be taking steps this summer when it is easy... to be greener. I alreay know that my paper towel concumption is minimal. I HATE using paper towels. This PSA was brought to you by my In-laws. AKA my visitors for the past week. With that in mind I have also decided I need to make some cloth napkins. I have been using my old washclothes as double duty with cleaning and eating. However that kind of grosses me out now since I thought about how much chemicals go on those clothes and don't actually wash out. So... I am on the look out for Organic Cotton cloth... be it bed sheets or by the foot to make napkins. I think that will be useful, incouraging and safe!

I have decided also to use the products I have before converting to green cleaners and body products. I make this statement now with only half an educational book read. Give me a few more chapters and they all might be free-cycled! But until now I dont' want to spend the money to buy products when I already have a bunch. But I am looking forward to castile soap and cleaner cleansers.

Any other ideas you can think of to make an easy transition? Any ideas about the compost pile? Do you run out there every meal or collect in the kitchen for a week? Let me know!

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  1. Vinegar actually is a really good household cleaner. I like Apple Cider Vinegar because the smell isn't as bad while you are using it and once it dries it pretty much evaporates out. It makes my wood look pretty too.

    And I run out there after every meal with the compost pile stuff. Trying to keep ants out doesn't allow us to leave food scraps out.