Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Main Bath

On the trek through my house in order to remodel and resolute it we have moved on to the main top floor bathroom. It is the bathroom that the bed rooms would use and anyone eating over. This was our first attempt at designing in this house and i can't say we did much. It was an all white room with a medicine cabinet, wall unit, closet and dark wood cabinet. Since recently returning from Disney shortly before this move and spending time in a very nice spa I wanted my bathroom to be modeled after this idea.

I wanted this bathroom to be lush and clean. It would stand out like a sore thumb in the rest of the house with the exception of Guest 1. These two rooms would match each other if nothing else. But after picking a "quite but not boring" shower curtain and brown bath rugs to cover the not so amazing laminate my style has come to a stand still.

The clean white walls need some color, the wall cabinet thing must go and on the wall behind the door is two brass towel bars. Brass... enough said. However they are nice to have and won't be completely gone. The trim in the room is also having identity problems some of it is white and some of it is stained. I would like to bring the white back to the dark side if possible.

-Paint walls
-Remove cabinet from wall
-Add wall art above toilet
-Remove brass towel bars and replace with one long wood/metal bar
-Find creative way to add length to stripped shower curtain
-Replace shower bar with extending round bar
-Hand curtain higher
-Strip and re stain white trim

The wall next to the sink is a full length closet. It is use full and serves all the rooms needs. Thus the dated mirror/medicine cabinet can go! Other then that the area is pretty functional.

-Remove Medicine cabinet
-Replace light fixture/update
-Hang new bold framed mirror
-Replace all brass hardware
-replace all off white covers

Yet another "Oh NO SHE DIDN'T" picture. This is my closet the the left of the sink. OK... 2 out of 5 shelves any way. Believe it or not this is VERY organized. Medicine in lower left, hair accessories the top left, daily use top right, extra wash bottom right. I know where everything is, it just isn't very tidy, presentable, or friendly for an outsider. Why would an out sider need something in there? I don't know but since it is the main bath I won't put it past anyone to snoop and find the goods!

-Put organizational system in place
-Purchase systems that are pretty, spa like and friendly.

So I need to bring this room up to speed also. Recap can be summed up in ... No Brass, Organize, and bring up to date. In general I would also like to add a tin bucket with wash clothes some where but I don't have the counter space and siting items on the toilet really grosses me out. Maybe that will be the wall "art" hanging buckets. Think I can pull it off? Have any suggestions on making it spa and cozy like?

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