Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hall and living room

The hallways closets and front/top living room is going to be bunched together. I have nothing important going on there and no plans in the future for it sadly. Ok... plans. Lots of plans. But only the tiny and barely speakable kind of plans and the total over haul "oh please say I didn't just commit to this torture or a remodel" kind of plans. But nothing in the middle. Nothing at all.

The closet out side of the bathroom and all the bedrooms, the linen closet as it so traditionally is known as.

In all its small glory. This is a project on the uber small side. I need to simply fix the mess.

-Strip off the old lady contact paper
-Paint it clean and white
-Possiably add a light

The hallway , main room, and entry share more then half of their walls and need to be considered as one when painting. This is a huge consideration I am not ready to take on but it needs to be done!

-Pick paint color
-Sand and restain trim
-Fix/replace light fixtures

The closet at the top of the "entry" stairs and across from the kitchen is not big enough to hold coats.

This closet is being redone... so maybe it is a medium sized project. Below the stiars is a closet just like this... well a whole in the unfinished wall, to-mato. tom-ato. This closet is going to be turned into a pantry. The Kitchen 2 feet infront of it is in DESPERATE need of cabinet space and this closet will serve the job nicely.

-Find new home for coats
-Install shelves
-Paint white
-Add organizational systems where necessary
-Stock full of good food! or pans and pots!

The living didnt' even get a picture taken on my frenzy around the house the other day. But I will show you a "before we moved in photo" to make my point. Currently it is houseing a book case and a computer desk in pieces. This is enough to fill it up.

This is a view of the front entry, living room.

This is the living room with a view of the dinning room.
-Blue carpet must go
-Replacement flooring
-Window treaments

Lets do some wishfull thinking shall we?

Texture Texture Texture! I love the funky chair in the bottom right paired witht the darker one in the middle. The use of dark wood and not the overly used "modern and clean" white trim. Fun patterns, plants, layers. Oh.. I wish I was talented enough to pull something off like this!

Love me some bold furniture, funky pillows, and mismatched wood. I would however take this room strip all the wood back to a natural color and stain including those to die for ceiling beams. but other then that I can't complain!

So Suggestions? Ideas? Hate mail? Lay it on me orange style.

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