Friday, January 08, 2010

Kitchen and Dinning Room

Here we go again...

This is kind of easy and difficult at the same time. My Kitchen is in horrible condition. The cabinets are plywood with a sticker like vinyl wood covering that is pealing or worn off in most areas. The color is the Carmel light wood look popular in the 90's. Its bad. The only appealing part was the boarder. Well, OK, as appealing as wall paper and boarders can be! So here is my slew of kitchen pictures.

Our Ikea storage. Understand now why I am willing to turn a closet into a pantry? It will be a while before we are able to re due the kitchen so I will sacrifice a closet for this mess to be straighted up. I really do like the industrial open cabinet look, but this is taking it a step too far. We attempted to coral little items with the Ikea storage boxes. It kind of works.
The view you see coming up the stairs from the entry. The counter tops are fake wood along with everything else.

The appliances are white, black and white, and black. In that order even. We will convert to all black as soon as money allows or when the whites break down. I will NOT do stainless. I can barely keep stings clean now... I don't need a mirror for finger and nose prints.

However I have a variety of "dream" kitchens. I think the kitchen should match the house and I feel like I can dream about multiple kitchens for the various styles of houses that I love.

For this house I pictures something like this...
Although that is slightly ridiculous since I have a 10x8' area practically. No center island for me. But isn't it pretty to look at? I think its detailed but simple. Nothing to fancy and could be funky or classic depending on colors. Perfect for this house since its in an older neighbor hood but still a newer house.

I can love the previous dark wood and still respect (and even consider) the clean and classic look of white cabinets. Avoiding anything that looks like renters white is ideal, thus the scary part of my hold up of not hosing down my Carmel kitchen to a white chocolate and antique metal masterpiece.

However if I had a way of decorating as fun and funky as I would like I would take any kitchen with lots of color and fun.

I wish I was creative or bold enough to attempt something like green cabinets or monogrammed glass! But not in this house. This is not the kitchen for this house.

The dinning room... Well...we'll push it to tomorrow!

Pictures other then mine have hyperlink to them.


  1. I love love love the seethrough cabinet look. We have an "open pantry" instead of open cabinets and I like it because I can see everything, but I see the need to convert the closet! I love the funky kitchen too! I had the fake wood cabinets in a rental apartment. They aren't that bad until the peeling happens. Can you recover those or do they have to be replaced?

  2. I would imagine they would have to be replaced. we condsidered painting them for a quick fix but I'm afraid they will look worse!

  3. well its proven that white color is one of the best colors to decorate any place. its the best combination for dark colors to contrast but it always be a issue for kitchen and dinning that white color become dirty soon.I think this is an old concept.