Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I am not one to do resolutions. I know with my "get up and go but never finish" personality NYR are just a sure fire way to start strong and putter out long before even the most dedicated person fails that first week. I keep saying "maybe that can be our new years res" to my hubby, but then he kindly reminds me "you don't make those right?" "Oh yeah." is all I say and move on... but I have read few NYR on blogs... but they seem more like a ta-do list. So I thought... maybe I need one of those. Check back with it every month or so and see what I get accomplished. Well... right in that sentence I can tell you I'll maybe only make it the first month or so... then I'll be re-reminded about 6 months later and then again at this time next year... but I would like to give it a try anyways!

So lets break it down by rooms... or areas. I think that makes it easier! That also allows me to take pictures and make it a post with images! Maybe that should be resolution/ta-do number 1!

In General
-Make more post with pictures
- Have more friends and family follow (more for the benifit of my life so I dont' have to spend so much time rehashing decor updates)
- Keep better detail of insperation pictures
-Clean up my follow list (after raiding their site for reasons why I followed in the first place)

Now for the rooms. In the middle of writing this I went around the house and snapped tons of photos of every room (as in all their messy glory). Quickly realizing there was a LOT of them and taking not of my first resolution (im nothing if not 'full speed a head, for the moment') I have decided to expand my resolution post over the next week or so with pictures of every room and hopefully detailed plans. For the benefit of post with pictures, and for me to actually take a look at each room and realize what I want to do to them!

Sunday: Guest 2/Office
Monday: Guest 1
Tuesday: Master
Wednesday: Bath 1
Thursday: Hallway/closets and Front room
Friday: Kitchen and Dinning room
Saturday: Basement
Sunday: Laundry room
Monday: Bath 2, mystery room, closet

Lets see how much I can keep up with this!

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  1. Yay! I love looking at your pictures! You find the neatest ideas!