Friday, December 25, 2009


So today is the big day. Yesterday was the almost big day.. but today is it! Husband and I after working very very long hours this last week went to bed at 8 last night. Yeah... I know. I made fun of us the whole time too! Then the cat and dog both woke me up for their trip out side before we go to bed. Too bad it was hours after I had hit the sack. This lead me to waking up the hubbs. We trecked down stairs and opened presents. Half of them were from my rents the other from each other.

3 books, 2 watch batteries, and a partrige in a pear tree... ok not really but some other really nice gifts... Like matching diamond earings to my necklass I got for our 1st anniversary!

Anthony got tools... well sort of. He got a table for a router (which I thought came with the router) and a dremmel and attachments for both items. He also got some stuff from my rents that qualify for tools (pliers and a knife).

We also got out customery ornements from his parents. It is a tradition his grandma started and that his parents have continued. I got a watering can with "teacher make the world grow" and he got a cesna air plane. Its very us and already on the tree.

Now its time for after holiday clearnace items! I would love to go shopping tomorrow... but I'll be stuck in the cash office forever.... so I'm sure I'll miss most of the good deals. This makes me sad since I have covitted many of the decorations all season long.


  1. Sounds like an awesome Christmas! We got a bike trailer for Evelyn so we can still go bike riding and take the little one along! Did you guys get snow too?

  2. We got snow before christmas and the rain on christmas melted it away. Which I was fine with.. I was ready for it to go...