Monday, March 22, 2010


Alright, so I did my first cleaning with vinegar. First thought... "yup smells like vinegar" Second thought "Cleans the Cr*p off the counter" Third thought "Would water have done the same thing?" So... I have a smelly kitchen that is possibly cleaner then water, but I'm not sure. Now I'm off to dirty it with lunch. Yippy!

Side note. I am looking to get some more educational books on green living. I'm interested more in the science and organizational side of it all. For one I need to prove to my self and hubby that the green cleaners do just as good of job cleaning as the chemical cleaners. Also I need to know how anyone does it. How do you organize your life to be green. Funny thought I'm sure... but their is a book for everything!

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  1. I have a bottle of Windex Multi-surface cleaner where the active ingredient is vinegar, so I assume it is better than water. Let me know if you find hard proof!