Thursday, March 25, 2010

Church House

So my grandma has sent me some pictures of a Church that was turned into a house. No matter what your style is I think you'll love this house. It is full of character and style. I'll leave you to be so you can drool.

Ordinary, old looking church. I think the grave garden would be an unusual landscape to get use to.

Don't you just love these pictures? The natural wood. The stain glass windows. The HUGE ceilings. I can't give credit to anyone because there was no information in the e-mail. But Congrats and Cu dos to theses lovely people and their gorgeous home!


  1. Its gorgeous, but I wouldn't have been able to get past 2 things. 1. the cemetary, 2. being able to have sex with my hubby in a church...

  2. lol, sooo thinking the same thing Kendra! I saw the bedroom picture and thought...yum! Also thought "kinda looks like a castle!" can you say role play?