Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The word "ghetto" once referred to a place where a group of people were in high concentration such as a polish neighborhood in a German town. Then ghetto referred to the area where various people were displaced to during WWII. A more up to date term would be referring to the run down neighbor hoods of large cities where crime runs ramped.

Today I am using it to describe my doctors office. GHETTO! Yesterday I received a lecture for not knowing/having my shot record. Granted... valid in some case... but yesterday I was not there to receive shots or anything related to my vaccines. Today I go in to get TB test read and the Nurse goes "Um... Yeah... I need to check on something" and walks out of the room. Mind you this nurse is like 50 and each one of her nails is about an inch long naturally... I was really grossed out! So I hear her talking in whispers and says "No its her..." Um.. Whats me? Then she asks "Are you sure you didn't get a Hep B and Tetanus shot yesterday?" Am I sure? Yeah.... "When do you think your last ones were?" 1890... puzzled look from the nurse...Wait 1998 (Don't' ask...) As she is looking at the computer screen out side my room I here her keep saying "I don't' know, I just don't understand" Then it seems like the bottles in the fridge are out of date or labeled wrong...yeah, because that makes since. I ended up getting a tetanus because it was over due and then she says it will need to be iced, take an aspirin, and try not to use your arm. UM WHAT?! Well thank freaking goodness its my day off... if I had to go to work today I guess I would just be one arm down and out of luck!

So... Ghetto... Did I mention also that yesterday the other doctor came in to room... twice... not looking for me. How do you mess that up!? If the new doctor wasn't so cool I think I would be rethinking my doctor choice more. I also haven't been to a actual doctor but maybe twice in 10 years... so chances of him still practicing when I need him is slim to none!

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