Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quilt Update

My blue quilt that I have been working on has all the blocks cut and pieced now I just need to send a few off to be worked on and once they are sent back I'll put them all together. Its a little crazy and the blocks don't all lay as flat as I would like them too... but that's OK its a neat quilt.

I started cutting my blocks for the third quilt. I haven't posted pictures of the fabric yet because I'm too lazy to get my camera from down stairs when I am working on the comp. But they will come eventually, I promise!

I haven't started working on my Christmas quilt or my mom's quilt. I wanted it to be in more of the sample block style which would require lots of detailed cuts and not large mass production like the one I'm working on now. So it is on hold. I also have pictures on my camera and not on the comp so they will be coming soon!

Lastly and what I might be the most excited about is that I found a quilt club... well two in my area. I have one in the town I technically live in and then in the city where I work. The one where I work meets every Tuesday to work on quilts at 10 and then has a meeting on the first Tuesday of the month. Chances of me making those meetings are pretty good right now with me working nights... but if this isn't my permit schedule I don't' want to head down there quite yet. The other club down the street meets at night on the last Wednesday of every month. I figure this is a group I have a chance of getting too and the time makes me think it might be a younger crowd since it seems to accommodate the working and family life of people. So... hopefully I remember these dates when they come around and I can attend them.

Even better would be if I could convince a friend here to start quilting, love it, and join with me. Oh the chances... lol. I could compromise and start scrap booking again.... Hum... hint hint to friends out there. :)

Also.. I have a BILLION quilt ideas that leads me to believe that I am either addicted to fabric or have actually found a hobby I love!

Some of my ideas that I am dying to put on paper and figure out...a denim quilt. I love the fall and can just picture my self cuddling up with this oh so very heavy and soft fabric. I also picture my self watching high school football games under it... so maybe it can wait until I have kids.

I also desperately want to make a Halloween quilt. Nothing with pumpkins and ghost. I want it to be much more subtle then that. I am thinking the back would be a black and white "web". A twist on a log cabin or line quilt would probably work. The front would be a classic nine patch I saw in a "season" magazine with blacks, whites, oranges, and maybe purple and lime green. BTW why is purple and lime green Halloween colors?

I am also thinking of making some baby blankets. I keep seeing these oh so cute pink fabrics that are just not needed in my house. There are also so many cute sewing projects that I could take time out of my busy quilting schedule to whip up. Um... squishy alphabet blocks? I might just have to make them and donate them to a church!

Alright... enough quilt ramblings. I could work on one now... but I would get distracted, not get ready for work and be at least 30 minutes late... for the second time this week.


  1. Ok, I want to figure out how to post pictures as comments. I want to learn how to quilt, but basic stuff. I made a quilt for Evelyn that is a quilt (just squares sewn together) on one side and an embroidered design on the other. I'd like to make more of them but have no idea how to start making even basic patterns on quilts. I LOVE the quilt posts, lol.

  2. Pictures it is!!! LOL I will so work on that!

  3. Are you talking to me about learning to quilt or compromising on scrapbooking..if so, let's do both!!!!