Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quilt 4

So this might be an obsession! I have been trying to figure out what I want my mom's quilt to look like. I also want it to be a bit of a surprise and since she doesn't read this blog often I imagine it will remain one even after today.

I have repeatedly looked at several images and continue to come back to single Irish Chain. But with it seeming to look best two toned or scrappy I didn't feel like cutting into mom's 7 fabrics to make a scrap quilt. I also wanted it to be a bit bolder and not so repetitive.

After googling Chris Cross and Chain blocks I came up short. But, some how I found at block called Chris Cross to Oklahoma. It was a great looking block that gave me a similar look. I was off in search of a pattern. Alas more googling did not result in what I was looking for.

Well through a processes that I have quickly forgotten I came across the block "The Road to Oklahoma" It would work. I could use all sorts of colors and it would work nicely!

Now, I realize this block doesn't look like much, but when combined it creates a pattern with in a pattern.
This quilt is an great example of the block sashed together with the same dark fabric. I can see my self taking this design and keeping the chain ( light tan) all the same color and making the stars/crosses different with each square resulting in a mix of colors yet a constant to ground it. This is a great example of the same block not sashed. I do not care for the multiple colors used because I feel that it does not let the pattern stand out like it could.

Overall I think this will be a great piece!

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