Saturday, May 22, 2010


I finally brought my camera up stairs, dug out my loading dock, plugged the USB cord in and clicked way. So I have 3 pictures to show you! I have a lot more... but that's different post! This would be my brothers quilt or quilt 2. Light blue, dark blue, patterned green, yellow, and wonky strips. I have cut them into 4.5 inch squares and have all the strips pieced and are now putting the strips together. Its shaping up to be a small twin or large lap quilt. Its in a pattern I made up... kind of. I think its called Round the World. But I didn't follow directions so maybe, maybe not!

This is my "Christmas" quilt. Red polka dots, whit with tan vines, and green leaves. I haven't found an exact pattern yet but I imagine it will be a start shape of some sort. Maybe Sarah's choice. I have done it before it find it easy enough!

This is the colors for my mothers quilt. I forgot that I had 8!! She might get a two sided 4 color each quilt. I have a great idea for two browns and some colors... but 8... that might be hard to work with. Maybe repeating overall on one side and wonky patch work on the other!? The Road to Oklahoma quilt from the previous post is the pattern I plan to follow!

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  1. These are BEAUTIFUL fabric sets! I love the bright colored one!