Sunday, May 23, 2010

Work Space

I have been able to do a ton of sewing lately because I finally live somewhere that allows me to keep my machine and materials set up at all times. I didn't quite understand the importance of a "craft room" when I kept seeming them pop up on blogs and decor sites. After having mine set up for a month. I understand. In fact I bow down to the people you made it so widely known that it was OK to have a room dedicated to crafts and hobbies out side of the office. So.. I thought I would give you a shot of what my work area is like! This is the view from the door. You can see my cutting and ironing station (aka washing machines). These are the perfect height. If I ever get to customize a room you bet your bottom dollar that it will have high counters! You can also see the chaos of cords. My perfect craft room will have a wall of plug ins! In the picture you can see my TV for entertainment and hanging clothes that need to be put away!
This is my sewing station! OK... so its a folding table and chair but it works! The machine and table moves as it needs to when I lay out the the block or whatever I need extra counter space for. the wall behind me would be ideal for my project board. I would like to put a nice LARGE framed cork board so I could just tack things up as I go. On the far left hand side of the picture you can see the curtains that cover my water heater and furnace. It wired to the ceiling to cover the ugliness. This has also been my project holder as of a few days ago. I kept laying out the quilt on the floor... but the floor is nasty due to the dogs that love to sleep while I sew. So I decided to pin my strips up onto the curtains. Its amazing! I chose not to show a picture of it yet due to the fact that I have my new not yet seen quilt hanging on it. I wouldn't' want to ruin the surprise! but you can, obviously, catch a glimpse of it.

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