Friday, May 07, 2010

Show Us Your Life

Today on Kelly's Korner they are talking about baby names! Now... I am not pregnant, nor do I see this happening in the near future... but I am a girl if you didn't know and I think it is in every girls DNA to think about baby names at some point.

Now... I would like to say my baby names are going to meaningful and dedicated to family members... but I have a lot of family members... and only so many babies in mind. My name is my mothers maiden name. I would really like to continue this trend but it would need to be for a boy. My maiden name happens to be my husbands middle name and long with a character from the cartoon show Simpson's. So... this name might only work out to be a middle name.

For our girls I have a few ideas that sadly are becoming popular. I imagine by the time I am naming babies they will be popular and I won't want to use them. But for now Regan is at the top of our list with Piper following close behind. I would like to use my middle name for a girl's middle name because I share it with my mom, but Regan Rea would sound like a baseball player or crooked politician. I also am a HUGE fan of boy names for girls. Riley and Sam are all that are coming to mind, but you know what I mean.

The boys names are very up in the air. I know we will be avoiding "Jr" at all cost. Any combination is possible. Like I said, more then likely we won't go with the maiden name theme. The male relatives I would name my son after have either such old fashion names or have inappropriate middle/ last names to be a first.

So... I gave away my girl names..but I figure the people who read this already know it and wont' be stealing them since they are having children any time either.

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  1. What a fun post! Your blog is to cute! Hope you have a great weekend!