Thursday, May 06, 2010

Foster Care

Last week I casually mentioned that I would take my friends dog if they got rid of it. This weekend I got a text "Can you still take the dog?" After talking it over with the husband we decided we could give it a try. We had attempted to adopt a puppy a few weeks ago but it occurred to me that I didn't want the responsibility that a puppy brings along. I also didn't want the cost of all the new puppy supplies, so we nixed the idea.

The new dog however is three and house trained. I figured that wouldn't' be too bad. So we made arrangements for the dog to come do a meet and greet and possibly stay last night. It was full of tension at first as Mia (our female dog) barked like crazy at the people in the drive way. The GIGANTIC ROTTWEILER that got out the car didn't even both barking. He just came over to use, wanted to be petted and sat down. This did not go over well with the Mia. Memphis, the male rot is very calm and huge. Mia is about 2/3 of this size and apparently high strung.

After many food battles and ownership threats we went to bed. The dogs were fine as long as we humans weren't in the picture. The cat stayed in the bedroom all night which only made me mad since she didn't need special attention but we figured her getting eaten would be bad.

At 3 Mia decided she needs to go out. So I let her out the back after a LOT of barking at the dog (remember they are fine with OUT me) I leash up the beast and take him out the front... he seemed like he needed to go. Brought him in left the female out side. This was about 3 am. I laid awake till about 4 praying about this to work. I didn't want Mia to think we were favoring the male (she would have slept out side even if he wasn't here) etc. Well about 4:45 (must have fallen asleep) It is lightening and thundering pretty heavy (well for around here) so I decide to bring Mia back in. I'm awake so might as well...

This morning husband wakes up at 5. I wake up at 7:30. The dogs are already to go out. I put the robe on let female out and leash up the male. She pees and he pees on her. Great. Let them in... feed him. Go to get dressed and hear the cat hacking up her food on my bed. Throw her off up is and wait for what is coming. Go to get the cleaner and notice the male has marked. Clean that up, clean the vomit up and go around the house looking for more marks. Hard to do with most of the floor wet from rainy footprints. Find a spot... or two. Soak those up. Read and learn that vinegar is the best way to clean it up after stain remover. Try that.

Not sure if I can keep this dog. It makes me nervous to have so much fighting in the house.

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  1. Try keeping the dogs apart for about two weeks (a month would be better but thats a long time for seclusion), and keep the male alone in a room for that whole week with exception of potty breaks (alone), and play time (alone). That way he can get used to surroundings and smells and aquaint himself to it all. Then slowly re introduce them to each other again. Potty time together, then play time, then alone time.