Sunday, May 02, 2010

More Blocks

This weekend I was able to complete to more large 12 inch (sorta) bocks.

This first one is "Memory/Memories" I really like the design. I am sure I could have added more patterns but I am glad I stuck with the actual design and made it two toned. I think it is a very neat star burst.This one is "S Choice" S is not the actual name... but a substitute for a title that would give away its origins and purpose before I am ready. So far this might be my favorite design. I am not sure if its because its large, simple, or the lines match up better then any of the others but I LOVE it. I think what makes it the best is that the simple white "back ground" allows fir the pattern to really pop. The last few days I have averaged one block in about 2 hours. I imagine I would go much faster if each block wasn't different meaning each few pieces have to be cut once and not as a group. I am however soaking this craft up. I am so in love with sewing and quilting I have no idea what I am going to if I have have to move and can't have a sewing room or even when my rents come for a week and I have to put it way. Don't think I won't be busting out my squares a few times while they are here.

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