Saturday, May 01, 2010


Alright.. so I have been cutting, sewing, pressing, ripping, and resewing a lot the last few days. So far I have three blocks done and 7 more cut. This has turned out to be quite the learning process!

Brooke's Block... aka "Good Fortune" there are 8 of these total going across the top of the quilt. There are two patterns. The one shown and the same pattern with different light and dark fabric. they will alternate going across. It measures just under 6 inches... It needed to be 6.5.

This is "Strength in Unity" It was suppose to be a 12 in block. It is currently a 6.7 inch block. It proved to be quite the challenge since it was much smaller then intended. The half squares were already cut from "Good fortune" so I used the left overs with out thinking about the overall size. My new theory is "Quilting is the craft of Mathematicians".This is what I am patenting/trade marking as "Corley Block" OK... well I'll come up with something else but right now I think I am the only one to have EVER done this... It started out to be a 12 in block also (with out the stripe boarder) But being cheap/thrifty instead of cutting more fabric I wanted to use the left overs again. This resulted in squaring down my first block to the wrong size. Then I put the boarder together and most of it on the main block before I realized I didn't size it down also. So I ripped it all out by hand due to me being sans ripper. After figuring out how to square the pieces down (the main block was more on accident) I pieced them together. Knowing that all this cutting down and shrinking was going to make the block the wrong size I decided to add another boarder. So I measured checked measured and cut. All and all... its still not the size it needs to be! I have no idea how this is working out to be so messed up. I guess my next plan is to add another boarder. I was hoping to attempt a "sashing" of individual blocks... but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I also think I'm going to have to scale back this quilt. I have gone through about half of my material and I have 10 blocks... Oops!

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