Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Yesterday Hubs and I did a little house shopping before I went to work. We went to Lowe's and got a new dishwasher. This has been in the "budget" since last November or something crazy like that. But the dishwasher never quite like we thought (and sounded) like it was going to. Well we had a coupon and I was sure they would have a memorial day sale so we went and we spent, even though there was no sell. So... Friday I will have a new addition to my home that will match is nice and sleek black brother fridge and I'll be kicking my almond reject to the curb. Well... Lowe's will take it with them but same idea.

After we went shopping Hubs asked "Do you want to... never mind" I laughed and said "Well of course! I must if you retracted the statement. Are we going to Joann's?" He sighed and said "Yeah guess so". So off we went to the fabric store. We discussed that you should only buy fabric when its on sale since something is on sale every week. Just go in and check until its what you want. So I looked at what was on sale and all though I really really really (but not loved) these two/three prints that were chocolate, lime, and turquoise all rolled into 1 on three different patterns I didn't get them. I kept returning to them over and over again but I just didn't know what I would do with them. I kept thinking baby boy blanket... but I have no baby boy or girl to give it to and I am not at the point where I am just going to make quilts and hope that someone buys them. I also could not come up with a good excuse to bring them home for 6.99 a yard with no intention of using them. I know... bad quilter! I had them in my hand and I could have gotten them and I just couldn't add to the stash with out intentions of using them! The solids were also on sale. But I couldn't' commit to bringing any of those home either. What if the red was the wrong red? What if I brought a brown home and never used it?

Well there goes my buy the fabric on sale thought. I guess I just can't commit unless I have a plan in mind! Granted... its the same way with my furniture and food too so... I guess I'm not too weird!

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