Friday, May 28, 2010

Back aches

I have been working repeatedly on my blue quilt these last few days. With the help of my crazy quilt books, checked out from the library, I have been adding... embellishment... to the blue quilt.

Now... I didn't go CRAZY... like the books show case I just added a little flare here and there. Some of the strips are enhanced with extra texture. A few flowers are blooming 3-D and one particular "basket" block now has a prairie picked assortment of yet to be named flowers.

The hubs thinks I am a little crazy and keeps asking "Will this fit in with the rest of the quilt?" so solve that problem I just kept embellishing! LOL. So... I might have taken this quilt that was once mediocre and lop sided to over the top crazy. Granted the opinions of the viewer will decide if "over the top crazy" was a good thing or a step in the wrong direction. Either way I am very excited for the out come.

But the excessive work has lead to a heck of a back ache. Also my arm finally reacted to the tetanus shot from two days ago. Its got an ugly splotch on it ( I think from laying on it in bed) and it hurts way more then a two day needle stick should!

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