Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fabric 2!

I went and got new fabric today. I spent most of the weekend avoiding the store because I didn't have a plan. I found it difficult to just grab fabric and think "I'll use this later"

I like the idea that the quilt has a purpose or a time to be used. I have a wedding quilt. I think this is great, I'll always remember that Nanny made that for Anthony and I. We also have a few other of her quilts that Anthony 'stole' from home. But other then those which I view as "passed down from family" I need my quilts to have a plan. I am working on my brothers quilt now... and then my moms. Both of those will fall into the "family" category... but I can't classify everything into that.

I will eventually work on my Christmas quilt. Its red green and white. It is not holly, candy canes, and trees. I liked the idea that it was less obvious. I also have desire to do a flannel quilt. This would be heavy for camping or football games. It would probably be paired with denim. I think these have a purpose. Thus I have problems picking a fabric when I don't have a design or purpose for the fabric in question.

However, today I went to the store knowing what the back of the quilt was going to be. I had yellow fleece left over from bubs quilt that I wanted to turn into a baby blanket (or two actually) So I went to the store looking specifically for something that would let a fleece bright yellow backing make since. I found a equally yellow print with white daises and lady bugs. I paired it with white, black, and red polka dots. the white on white polka dots is fun and gives it some less busy fabric. I don't know what I plan to do with these quite yet but a baby quilt they will be!

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