Friday, June 04, 2010

Old Fashion

OK, taking a moment to step away from the sewing machine and fabric talk. Back to decor....

I think I have committed to painted my kitchen cabinets. Replacing them is really just not an option and keeping the wood sticker look is not something I feel I can live with while here. The problem is the entire house with the exception of the bath room and two new room have wood trim. I love my wood trim. The two new rooms have white cabinets and are set off from the rest of the house in rooms with no windows... so I made an exception for them. BUT! The rest of the house will remain stained. Call me old fashion but I like the idea of a nice darn auburn stain and poly finish.

The problem is... I won't be staining my plywood kitchen. I don't even want to think what staining wood decal stickers would look like! So that requires a paint job. I don't care to do something bold and daring the I might if I wasn't living in a 1970's split level. Give me a flat or loft and I would be bold blue or great green in a heart beat. But this house needs Modern Rust or New age cabin. Either way you spin it... I think the cabinets need to be white. Well, a dirty white. Similar to the finish on the desk we did a few months back. Paint it a nice bright white... then distress it by rubbing stain into the finish. I LOVE how the desk came out and would take a kitchen like that too. I think this would solve my love hate relationship with paint and stain.

Now, just to get someone to take apart the kitchen, paint, and put it all back together. Any volunteers?

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  1. Sounds like fun! I love those kind of projects. If I lived there I'd be packin my paint clothes!!