Monday, June 07, 2010

I was going to...

I was going to show you my newly stained table... but it looks like this
That would be my hubs new 3 ft long ship model being put together and its packaging and pieces laid out everywhere. Its being put to go use....(sorry its side ways!)

I was going to show you my new quilt but realized I took down all the squares to iron it. They are sitting in stacks by the TV (green blur) and the next to the sewing machine waiting to be pieced.
I was going to take some more pictures... but the realized that was all that had changed and I had nothing else to show!

Edit: Funny thought... problem with projects, like these and the ones unfinished... you just want them done. You want them completed about as quickly as you come up with them. Or is that just me? Very few things do I enjoy the process of actually doing... and major projects isn't one of them... Anyone have a Genie?

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