Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Go Figure

The Husband and I have decided to get in shape. Well actually we make this decision every few weeks when we realize that we aren't happy with what we look like and haven't done anything about it since the last time we made the statement. When I saw "we" 90% of the time I mean me, but the husband agrees and is support some times. I was just thinking "wow... I really need to do some crunches and work out or something!" Then I tried to remember the last time I LOVED how I looked. Which was easy. It was captured in a picture. One that I would take back every day for a million years. This picture is me at the end of my freshman year of college with a bunch of my girlfriends. We were headed to a Brooks & Dunn concert on the other side of campus. Like I said, I would take this look back every day if I looked like that again. I would love to wear the cowboy hat, cute hair, smoky eye, belly showing cheap halter and the best pair of jeans I every owned every day if I still looked like that. Where did that go? Or better yet when did it decide to hide under everything else I am caring around? I am not even sure those jeans would still pull up over my thighs... and that shirt... well I have no doubt the bra was stuffed in this picture... but it would serve solely as a bra at this point due to the fact it wouldn't cover my stomach now. Also... belly button ring? Um... threw that out with growing up and wearing practical clothing. Now... don't' get me wrong. I didn't dress like this every day. This was a particular boot stomping- dark makeup- tight jeans kind of night and I feel like I pulled it off well.
I'm just not sure where the body went or how I got to where I am now...Six years later I have gained at least 30 lbs if not more. I am sure the cookies and chocolate help. The bread I can't live with out seems non stop. To top it off I can't remember the last time I exercised. Not that I did to get that figure either... but I imagine it wouldn't hurt the situation.
How do people find the motivation to get off their butt and work out? Where to people find the time? LOL... OK I have the time. Just not the motivation or the faintest idea how to get that look back. I imagine some cardio and a lot of ab work outs would do the job well. I heard keeping an "inspirational" photo around helps. Maybe I should cover my fridge in photos!?
Got any ideas?

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