Monday, June 14, 2010


Friend to spend actual face to face time with

Must own a needle in thread, cricket, or stamps. Have at least one free day/evening a month to do absolutely nothing but work on projects, watch a movie, listen to music, and talk. Working out could be a possibility also.

In return:
Will travel. Willing to watch horrible movies and listen to bad music for good conversation.

Disclaimer: Will settle for great friend who can e-mail/call and discuss current projects with. A circle of friends willing to bring in new member to club would also be considered.

If interested please leave comment stating which activity you are interested in and how we can become new best friends.


  1. Would love to apply for this "job"-alas, the kid gets in the way... Will do the best I can though. Interested? (Oh, and do you miss me?)

  2. Sigh, I miss my Corley time! Wish we lived closer!