Friday, June 18, 2010


Yesterday I wanted to get some major work done on my brothers quilt... granted guilt took over. I had spent almost all of my Wednesday off working on the baby quilt (left overs...) and Bubs quilt. I also put in a little time in it Thursday. But When my Friday started I knew I had to clean house or I wasn't going to be very productive on the quilt front. I also find house work is now a procrastination of quilting.

Although I love quilting... it seems like most of the time if the house (well top half) isn't in decent shape I don't quilt for every long... and whats the point of getting into it if you can't do it for long? So I always try to clean it first before I get into my quilt groove.

So Wednesday I finished the baby quilt. I have about 3 or so feet of binding to finish hand sewing on the large quilt and I started on my Mom's quilt. I figured out I wanted to use a certain block a while ago (don't want to mention if she actually reads this!) Well I altered it a little so that it would give me a more distinct look. Now I am cutting the fabric all up. This I have decided might be my least favorite part of quilting. Maybe because at this point in time I have to stand to iron and cut and bend over funny. Its not comfy and I don't' like doing it for too long. Which isn't good because the block calls for 2 and 2 3/8 inch pieces only. Which take a lot more time then the Bub's 4 in blocks. A LOT more time!

EDIT: I also played around with the design button... deleted some things and added a poll. Take it and let me know!

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