Monday, June 21, 2010

Old Bones

This morning woke up at 7 to let the dog out. Once he wakes me up I like to get him out other wise he has problems in the house. Girl dog however could sleep till noon if I didn't poke her and kick her out. Well I decided at 7 I needed to walk. I am working tonight and its been a while since I had walked the neighborhood.

Hubs and I started that about two weeks ago when I said I wanted to get more fit. But he's been away the last few days and I haven't walked with out him. I just don't like too. I would walk the dogs... but now that their is two I don't think I could handle it... so they can't come either.

Well... I went back to bed until 9 got up but on my walking shoes and presentable non sleep clothing and headed out. It was a great morning. It was getting warm but there was still enough shade here in there that the heat wasn't a problem. Well I walked a route we have walked before. I threw in a few feet of jogging every now and then. about half way through the walk and up a VERY steep hill I decided I needed a break. I actually had to sit down and catch my breath. I feel like this was a good thing because when i looked around the road seemed to move. I can't imagine what was going on in my body that would make me see the road moving but I waited until it stopped and got back up. I made it up the heel at a very slow pace and barely rounded the corner before I headed to a nearby bench and waited for about 5 minutes until I could feel my heart beat and could catch my breath. The rest of the walk home was done at a snail-non-athletic-pace.

I can't, however, figure out when I got out of shape. Or... so completely out of shape that a walk wears me out to the point where I cough, sit down, and wonder why I didn't bring a cell phone, since I knew I was about to pass out. Granted... a cell phone when I was passed out still wouldn't help me much. I knew I was over weight... that happened my senior years. My husband and I love cookies and what not and I would bring them over to his place about 2 a week. Plus working at an ice cream store and not walking to class every day. That I know is how I put on the weight... but I left the ice cream place. I only buy cookies maybe once a month if that. How have I not lost this weight? UGH.... this is frustrating.

On a good note... nothing like walking and almost passing out to cure you of baby fever. As a good person I couldn't possibly put me or my baby in a situation where mommy is so unhealthy. So... on top of a good job and more money...being in shape has been added to the must haves before a baby.

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