Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Monopoly taught us...

OK, so I should be packing for my trip. I should finish cleaning the house. I should get the house ready for a vacation. I shouldn't be playing on the Internet and sewing.

But... today has resulted in a new top, realization that I still fit into my clothes from last summer (there was serious doubt) and I have learned "Seven Lies we learn from Monopoly". I think it points out fabulous things like "No one pays cash for their entire property, nor does land only cost $120." This got me thinking what other games gave us false or very realistic information.

Take the game of LIFE (because its one of my favorites) You pick a path in the beginning... education vs. career. However the career you actually "choose" is pretty much a luck of the draw. You might get a chance later in LIFE to change it but not always. Salary, houses, their all the same. You get some option but its not limitless. You also have no choice in the game about your off spring. I have always strived for the large family in the little station wagon. When playing with friend I'll even coo "ah... look you had twins!" Oddly enough in real life you could have just as little control of your reproduction as you do in this game. Some times you make it through the whole cycle with out one little peg person to add to your car and occasional you have to pile them on or drag them behind because there is no room. Granted I hope you are leaving or dragging kids behind the car just because you can't fit them in.

Also take the game of RISK the husbands favorite game. This is a game of war, strategy, taking control of the whole world! But then again in some cases (as my husband has learned) the non threat that has only a small army and hasn't had large ambitions to take over some times, sweeps in during a low in the game and takes everyone down in a short period of time, leaving the fallen wondering what happened. Well, in this case I think RISK can be very life like. Some times its the weak who inherit the earth, other times it the strong overly stocked military with strategic planning that takes over. Ok, well the whole earth might be a stretch, but then again... have you been watching the news?

Any games you play that are completly unrealistic but are "based" on reality? Any games you feel hit the money like RISK when it comes to real possiable out comes? Just never thought of a game as a real life option and wonder how I grasped at LIFE and RISK in the first place?


  1. pretty pretty princess - sharing is great until there is only one tiara

  2. LOL I am pretty sure I had that... but so true... easy to share when you lots!