Friday, June 25, 2010

OH Boy

So I am sitting in a motel room.... the room has a shower with a soap dispenser attached to the shower wall. The microwave might be older then I am... the Motel might be older then the gold rush.

We got in at 2 am (5 am home time) and quickly fell asleep. We work up at 8 (11 am home time) and got read... finally around 9:30 we got my in laws out of their room next door (and off the computer) to go the the "lovely" restaurant next door. Holy flash back to the 70's. First off... they were playing what might be the best collection of summer beach music you could think off. It was perfect for a tourist! The decor was Seana and tan leather... every where. It was fabulously authentic... for some era.

But... it sounds like we are about to leave. Yeah... a week (again) with the in laws!

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