Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 6

Alright... this far into the trip and it has been interesting. Sunday we went to lake Tahoe. Have you heard of Lake Tahoe? I have... its a ski resort. Yeah... in the mountains you know. So let me set the scene and put this into perspective....

Sacramento where we are staying (basically) is around 600 ft above sea level. The highest point in PA that I have been is somewhere around 2300 I believe. The LAKE where we were playing was around 7500. Yeah... so... as we drove for a few hours UP the mountain I started noticing snow... in June. SNOW not like oh... that small white patch might be snow and not a rock it was "THAT SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN STILL HAS SNOW... SO DOES THAT MOUNTAIN!!!!!!" Yeah... so needless to say the water... was cold. Rumor has it that if we call it 40 degrees would be warming it up a bit. If we moved faster then .25 naughts then I had to put my long sleeve shirt on and wrap my legs in a towel. It was that cold. So what did I do? Get talked into tubing. It was fun... until Hubs shifted his weight. We nose dived and I found the cold water... quickly. I wasn't mad, but I was in such shock I couldn't catch my breath. Also... the life vest was cutting off air so that helped I'm sure!

Out of the 9 of us on the boat 4 walked away with a burn... the four of us who went in the water. What weird science is that? Anyways the last two days hubs and I (who got it the worst) have been laying out and putting lotion on like it will save our life. We have gone through half a bottle of lotion in 48 hours.

My forehead is taking the majority of the hit. It was already dry... it is not peeling and oozing. Its not pretty and the last two mornings Hubs has woken up and said something along the lines of "I love you, your beautiful, but your forehead is leaking" Well, I think we are out of the honeymoon stage!

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  1. Nothing like being freezing cold and ending up with a sunburn! Boo!!!