Friday, July 02, 2010


Nothing like being home! The week in California with in-laws were interesting. Going out there to see a very ill relative is difficult enough. Add in WAYYYYY too much car time with the same people, cheap motels, sun burn, and very sad relatives... well it wasn't always peachy.

It was very nice to see the relatives. Getting there with a very vocal Father in law could have been easier. Boating and seeing the amazing area that is Lake Tahoe, great. Getting a sun burn that makes laying down and sitting difficult, could have been done with out. Excessive driving everywhere because everyone lives in the boonies, was tolerable. Driving 45 minutes to get a Christmas jellyroll and bundle of something bright and springy... highlight of the car rides. Cleaning out barns, packing boxes, and basically clearing out all things from a still inhabited house... awkward. Getting a large Simplicity press from the grandma in law I never met, pretty cool.

I did take pictures... but the camera is down stairs... and I'm not. They will be posted some day... So will the bros quilt. I am a bad blogger! hehe.

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