Saturday, July 03, 2010

Quilt 1 Finished

Alright! So... I'm bored and went down stairs to get my camera and decided to upload some pictures on here! Here is Bubs finished quilt. It was modeled after a "Round the World" quilt. I have no idea how large it is. Its bigger then a twin and it covers the top of the king but doesn't actually give much of a overlay. There is a sky blue center, a blue/green/white/yellow/ stripped fabric, royal blue, sunshine yellow, and grass green. The binding is is the stripped fabric which looks AMAZING as a boarder.

Mom picked out the fabrics when they were here in May. I did simple random "wave" quilting through each block vertical and horizontal in a white thread. The back (which I of course didn't take a picture of) is royal blue fleece with a large yellow stripe in the middle.

As a practice to figure out the quilting (never actually done it) and used up scraps left over from bubs quilt and pieced this little blanket together. I had a lot of green left over so ever block got a green half and a colored half. I didn't have much of the strip fabric left due to it being used as the binding on bubs... so it was just thrown in there randomly. The binding is blue and royal blocks. the back is Bright yellow fleece. It was left over also. I had no idea how large bubs finished quilt would be since I was winging it so when the fleece was in the scrap bin and 50% off... I grabbed as much as I could in colors I thought would work. The colors are off because they were taken inside and I didn't want to mess with hanging it up outside once I knew I had this picture.
ETA: The baby blanket is 32 x 42 inchs.

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  1. It's beautiful! I love the bright blue colors! I may have to commission you to make a quilt with bright colors for Evelyn when she switches to a toddler bed!