Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Quilting in California

When we were in the HOT state of California and killing time between visits I talked the hubs to take me to a quilt shop. I have Joann's in the area... a few of them actually, but I haven't found a quilt shop that has a large variety of fabric. I did find one in town, but shes hardly open, wasn't that nice, and didn't have anything that was remotely fun or modern. So... I went to this store.

I walked in and could have screamed. I think I did giggle. I walked around quickly. I was mostly there for some jelly rolls or fat quarters. Something already paired up. I wanted a large variety of fabric with out having to have a 1/4 or 1/8 or a yard. Boy did I hit a jack pot! She had 1/4 and 1/2 on sale... but I didn't want to stand their and pair up since I didn't have a pattern in mind. So I skipped that and found the rolls and bundles.

My first "I must have this I don't care what I do with it" find was a grouping of fabric I had never seen before. It was large piece (not sure at the time) and a BUNCH of different fabrics. I could have read the tag better and learned that there was 37 different fabrics to be exact. It is a like called Bees Knees from Maywood Studio. The studio only sells to independent stores... thus why I would never find this anywhere else. Just few examples...

Click on the link and you can see the remaining 34 fabrics. Seeing them paired up they are amazing. After looking at them individually I highly doubt I would have picked even half of these patterns, but all together they are great!


  1. I LOVE those fabrics holy cow!

  2. Those fabrics are incredible!!!!! I totally get the "don't know what to do with this fabric but I need it!"