Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The new felt food...

Yesterday while taking a break from retail I was surfing my phone and I found a blog. You know... the kind that you find through a link through a link and you honestly can't remember how you got there. Well I didn't care how I got there. I added the site pretty darn quick.

The post that was in reference was about 2 years old. It was over a quite book. I had never heard of a quiet book and skipped over the link the first few times until I ran out of things to read and click on (thus the link to a link to a link reference). Well I was looking at her book think "Um... well OK?" I wasn't that impressed then she mentioned that she made each page separate so that she could pass the pages down the pew when she had future children. Then BAM! It hit me... I had a quiet book! I played with it in church! I figured this all out about 9 pm last night and was still thinking about it hours later! I am so excited to make one of these. I just aren't sure for who or how yet. I also don't need any more reason to buy fabric! But... I have some pictures!

Pictures from above link. She has more and gives templates for most of her pages.

The point is that they are activity books for little hands. You practices counting, ABC's, Velcro, buttons, snaps, etc. The book I remember was motor skill based. Zippers, buttons, snaps, hooks, etc. The ones that I have found while googling seem to be for younger children. They are mostly Velcro and involve colors, shapes, and general ideas ("picking" apples from a tree to put into a basket).

There was one exception to the basic everyday book. The original (or as far back as they can date the publishing) was for an LDS or Mormon quiet book. The author made each page in reference to a bible story. Peter fishing was a page with a net that you could "catch" the fish.

This might be my new felt food love. Most of these books are created with cotton pages and felt pieces. I am in love. I remember playing with mine for hours... I can't imagine how effective and education this could be for a little kid!

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