Friday, July 30, 2010

Block swap take two....

Ok... so its now going to be an addiction just like buying fabric... which I did yesterday too... post about that later. I joined another block swap. PB&J.... piecing blocks and john hancocks. How cute is that?

You pick a month like the other swap but in addition to your block you do a signature square! I was hoping to throw one of those in my package for my other swap so this will be great! I now get to come up with multiple (well ok two) blocks ideas for my swap. I can't decide if I want to make them into one big blanket or do two different swaps. There are just too many choices to make!! Ah! hehe... but PB&J are still looking for members... so if you have a machine an hour or so a month and money for postage you could join and have fun with me!

Come on... you know you want to!

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